Bulletproof Coffee

Agency: Vertetude

As lead designer at Vertetude, I assisted Bulletproof with their brand identity and packaging redesign. As part of that project, I worked on the illustrations for the packaging, as well as variations of that artwork for use in retail displays and web banners.


I designed a logo to make Bulletproof accessible to a growing, globally diverse audience.


The first round of artwork was executed by the talented Todd Connor at Yellow Plum Design. In our collaborative partnership, he worked from my concept sketches and art direction. The idea was to illustrate the energy and health provided by Bulletproof products, visually emanating from the high-end, quality sourced ingredients.

After Todd Connor created the first round of illustrations for the packaging, I took over on cleaning up, updating and enhancing the artwork, as well as creating a few new pieces from scratch.

Poster artwork

The Bulletproof team needed a backdrop for a video shot in their new retail space, so I created this composition of all of the packaging artwork. The power button at its core emphasizes that the energy and health gained from the products starts with the quality ingredients.

Web Banners

I created these product category banners to be used in brochures.